7 Ways To Work Smart & Efficiently At Home During The Coronavirus

Covid19 or better known as the Coronavirus has made a huge impact on our lives in different ways. The question is how can we as an entrepreneur or freelancer find the inspiration and motivation amidst this situation.

The coronavirus doesn’t only affect small local businesses, it also has an impact on online businesses and freelancers that works as an independent contractor through other agencies or companies.

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Because a lot of countries are under lockdown it can be difficult to stay focused, motivated, and inspired to continue our normal routines, especially since it`s not possible to continue our lives as normal outside in the societies we are used to.

The situation has forced us to find other ways to continue our days and for some is a make-or-break situation.

As an entrepreneur, business spokesperson, and freelancer I have felt the anxiety around this situation and found it difficult at times to find ways to cope.

So to make it a little easier to stay motivated and find a way to entertain ourselves I thought I could write a post about how you can “work efficiently” during this coronavirus situation and still manage your business and continue to grow your revenue.

7 Ways To Work Smart & Efficiently At Home During The Coronavirus


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Set up a Routine at Home

Because of the unusual Coronavirus situation, it can be a challenge to get on with the day and feel “normal”.

Working from home can be a task in itself and if you don`t have a routine to stick with, it can quickly turn into a whirlwind of clutter and negative thoughts spinning around your head.

It is therefore very important to set up a work-at-home routine that both benefit your business and your health. Don`t overwork yourself and close the world off, but find a balance to keep you motivated and inspired to deal with your everyday tasks and projects.

Stay calm and collected

We all deal with stress differently and some of us are better at handling the situation better than others, but the cause of stress has a negative effect on our immune systems which is very important to maintain during the coronavirus.

If you feel stressed during your work-at-home situation because of the environment you are working in, I recommend taking a break or find a way to make yourself feel calm and relaxed. I know it can be difficult to stay put because of this virus, but the best way to deal with it is to stay calm and collected.

Spend more time perfecting your business

Whether you are a local business owner selling products online or a part-time student running a side-hustle, stay-at-home mum or a freelancer working through Instagram, now is the time to spend some quality time perfecting your business.

Are there things you can improve? Have you postponed updating your website and product designs lately? Why not spend some extra time making your business even better?

Because of the uncertainty of the coronavirus, we have a lot of time on our hands and that`s why it’s a good idea to look at the structure of the business, the overall plans, and income sources to see if there are some things you can upgrade or improve.

Eat Smart and Healthely

Even tho this situation might feel like a holiday for some it is a good idea to try and stay away from the sweet temptations in your cupboard.

When working from home during a lockdown it can be difficult finding a balance between a good healthy diet and daily brain exercises.

By making sure that the brain gets the nutrients it needs and helps to maintain the brains functionality and cognitive abilities, you will keep the brain healthy and happy and in return, you will get more done, feel more energised and manage your daily tasks quicker.

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Have a Positive Mindset

One of the most important things to do during the coronavirus situation is to have a positive mindset and find the positivity in working from home, even tho you would much rather wanna sit at your favorite work spot in the city and drink your favorite coffee. I know how you feel, I would love to work from the beach or at the nearest cocktail bar here in Spain…

However, it is possible to make your home peaceful, happy office space for the weeks to come.

Tip from EWD: – Write down a list of all the things you are grateful in your home environment and business, that will surely boost your positivity levels.

Create an Office Space Feeling

If you haven’t already created your own office space at home, I truly recommend doing this. Creating your very own office space at home will make you feel more engaged in your work and it will motivate you to continue your business.

Find a corner in your home or convert one of the spare rooms into your dream office during this situation. It doesn`t need to cost a fortune, just be creative and find ways to make parts of your living space more into a work environment.

Listen to motivational videos or podcasts

To be able to work smart and efficiently at home and feel motivated throughout the day, I recommend listening to podcasts and motivational music/videos that will boost your creativity and help remove the negative cutter from your mind.

I always listen to motivational videos on YouTube whilst I work and try to think happy and positive thoughts which makes it easier to stay focused on what I need to do. You can also try “binaural beats” which is hugely helpful when you want 100% focus and struggle with concentration.

I hope you liked these tips and that it will make it easier to work from home during this coronavirus.

Wish you best of luck!


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