Entrepreneur Daily Routine – How To Survive A Stressful Week

Whether you are a 9-5 office hero, stay-at-home boss mum or in the beginning of building your first emperor, it is important with a entrepreneur daily routine. 

To make it a little easier to start the new day and handle a stressfull week, I have shared some of my tips for how you can make your daily entrepreneur routine a little easier to live by. It is very tempting to hit the snooze button when you work from home, especially if you don`t have a routine yet. Even though waking up at 10 am isn’t so bad, it is actually proven that people who wake up between 05 am and 9 am are more likely to be more energised, more awake and more motivated. 

So, maybe it`s not so bad with an early start after all! 

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Set up A Weekly Schedule 

Setting up a weekly or daily schedule might be a very obvious thing for some to do, but not everyone likes to keep a schedule or follow it for that matter and this might have something to do with the awkward todo lists that most successful individuals advice to restrain from. I mean it’s not like we managed “to do” them anyway, so I see the point. How can you set up a schedule that won`t make you feel stressed or cluttered? 

Keep it simple 

  • Don`t write your entire week on the board or calendar, try to pinpoint the most important events and important tasks, that way it won’t make you feel stressed or anxious when looking at your schedule. 
  • Use colours – Yes, this is actually proven to make you more motivated and excited! Highlight the different events in different colours to make it look a bit more “alive”. 
  • Write down your awards when you achieve the things you have written down. For every task or job you have done, treat yourself to something nice.

Listen to Daily Affirmations or Podcasts 

Something I always tend to do before starting my day is listening to daily affirmations, morning motivation videos or podcasts. Doing this will make your mind more focused and ready to take on any tasks, because you get that motivational boost which will make a huge difference to your day. There are so many free videos and podcasts you can listen to out there, I recommend daily affirmations and law of attraction videos on YouTube, those are my favourites. 

Entrepreneur Women Daily

Write 3 Goals For The Day

Another way to get the Entrepreneur Daily Routine is by writing down three main goals for the day. This can be anything you want to achieve at work, at home or at school. By doing this you will set the standard for the day and become more aware of what your main focus is. I tend to always write these whilst I enjoy my coffee, it is a great way to start the day!   

Example of main goals 

  • Write down what you want to achieve at work, maybe you have a specific target or goal you need to reach by the end of the day/week?
  • Choose three things you want to happen during the day, maybe there is something special you have in mind?
  • Remember to choose realistic goals that you can reach, even though its good to challenge yourself. This will make you feel better about your work effort!

Entrepreneur Women Daily

Stay Positive and Don`t Give Up When It Gets Hard

We all have bad days and sometimes it can make us feel overwhelmed, especially when self-employed. It is very easy to fall back into old habits, where you let the negative thoughts take over, which will make you feel demotivated and tired. This is normal and it is something that any Entrepreneur Women (and men) have to go through because it`s not always easy when you have to work for yourself and don’t have anyone to rely on or ask for help. Don`t worry, there is a way you can handle this! 

Focus on finding the solution, not the problem

  • When a certain situation occurs it is very typical to focus on the problem, rather than finding the solution. This is because our brain attracts 70% of the negative stuff during the day and it can make us often feel very negative and annoyed. This is why it’s so important to focus on the solution and find the positivity in the situation. 
  • Give yourself a break – even though it might be impossible at the moment, it’s important to take a break. By doing this you will feel less stressed and are more able to keep your head cold so you can handle the situation better. 

Give yourself time to relax and rewind 

  • Self-employed and entrepreneur women can often become very stressed during a busy week, therefore it’s a good idea to take it easy and find the time to reload the batteries before continuing the work. It is human to feel stressed and anxious some times and that’s why it’s important to take some time off and just relax. We promise that you will nail the Entrepreneur Daily Routine any day, anytime! 

    What you can do 

    • Take a warm soaking bath with lavender oil and listen to some relaxing meditation music. 
    • Go for a run or session at the gym. It always helps to get out frustration! 
    • Go for a shopping spree! Treat yourself to something nice and get your mind off the situation. Who can say no to a little shopping?

We hope you like our survival tips and that you will smash the new week! 

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